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Who we Are


Our Interest

Our Main interest is to Live a Chemical and Preservative free Life. We Do Not indulge in Adding preservatives. We want to promote a Natural Way of Everyday Living through our Products.

Our Products have a shelf life from 6 - 8 months which is an average time to consume the product  so that it could be bought fresh and natural.


Pure Grade & Organic

All our Products are Handcrafted and designed with lots of Love and Care,  "especially for you".  

Our base products are all pure grade concentrated, organic and imported . We are very particular about the quality.

We want to concentrate more on Quality than Quantity.


'You' are very Important

At Gretas' , your requirement and need is more important to us than our product selling. Since we have already mentioned, that we personalize and customize our products, if you have a certain problem, you can feel free to write to us and we shall be very happy to formulate a product 

                                               " Just   for You".

All our Products are to be used Topically and Aromatically .

We Do NOT recommend any  Ingestion or  Internal consumption.