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Gretas' Essentials Mission



Gretas' Essentials is a venture  that believes in the Natural use of different ingredients enhanced by Pure Grade Quality substance for a Healthier and Happier Tomorrow.

Nature has given us abundance to Rejuvenate our Beauty, Body and Mind.

All our products are Essential Oil based .

Specifically aiming towards Therapeutic and Healing purpose.

They are made of Natural and Pure Grade Ingredients

We Do not use any chemical or preservatives.

Our Range of Products


therapeutic soaps, oils, migraine oil, serums, joint pain oil, pain relief oil, massage oil


We have products for Everyday Living, Therapeutic and Healing Purpose

Our products are Handcrafted and curated with special care.  

We also personalize and customize as per your requirement and formulate a product especially for you.


aromatic products, diffuser oil, diffuser sets, aromatic candles,attar, scent oil,,aromatherapy

We have Products that can enhance your inner spirit by Uplifting and Energizing your senses and thus creating a better environment. 

Energy Mix

energy bar, energy mix, dry fruit mix

We have created a mix of dry fruit, nuts along with organic nutritious blends to enhance your energy levels especially suited for kids and adults. A chemical and preservative free product guaranteed to boost your immunity level.

Essential Oils

essential oils, lavender, lemon, rose, eucalyptus oils

Variety of Pure Grade Concentrated Essential Oils, extracted from seeds, leaves, twigs, flowers, petals. etc.

One drop of which has immense healing properties.

Handcrafted / Personalized

face scrubs, body scrubs, face masks, mens products, soaps for men, after shave lotion, balm,creams,

We have formulated and handcrafted personalized products to meet individual needs.

Gift Zone/ Corporate Zone

corporate gift, gift basket , personalised gifts

When you think of Gift , think of us !

We are there beside you to basket a variety of items from aromatic products, essential oils and personalised products to create a perfect gift for your loved one.

We alo design Corporate Gifts as per your requirement.